Shoulder strap

 Yesterday I somewhat completed the shoulder strap that crosses under the pauldron. I didn't use a straight piece of leather since it would dig into my ribs, and had to make it out of two pieces to save on leather. I can't say i like how the splice turned out and went and used rivets to secure it to save time, but I'll be aiming to replace that strap and properly sew it on. But this'll have to do for the time being, cuz Dragon*con's in 5 days and i still have to finish a painting.

 It would be nice to have a machine to sew this.

There's some wave looking design on the shoulder strap, but since i couldn't get a definitive design there, i fudged the design.

On the good end, gotten much better with rivets. It took pliers and a good amount of force to pull it apart, so the next time I make stuff that i won't mind being permanent, rivets instead of Chicago bolts! will need to get a rivet supports bit though (or make one!) so the heads stop getting dented.


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