Making of the pauldron

This is made from 2 pieces of tooling leather (6 or 8 oz i think) and foam padding interior to give it a squishy feel and some weight. I sanded off some of the thickness of the leather with my belt sander so it would be easier to get a padded look. Though its not as padded in the refs, but i wanted to have it look padded anyways :)

It took about 3 days to do this once the layout was done. The sewing was hell because i had to align, punch and handsew through 3 layers of leather on the edges, and 2 layers and foam padding in the center.

I wasn't aware that there was stuff that I could apply to mask off the scrollwork (so when dying the thing it would stay light), so when it dyed, the color actually wound up a lil darker than the untooled areas.. 

After not liking the results of painting the scrollwork with acrylics (it looked unnatural), I took an exacto and spent a day n change scraping the coating off to bring back the natural leather color i used the gel instead of the dye that penetrates the leather.

though I liked the texture and feel that xactoin' it gave, I didn't like such a high contrast between the natural tan and the brown, an seeing as scratched leather takes dyes & stains differently (and Tandy's over an hour away) I went back with the same dark brown gel, and rubbed it back in.. Because it was scraped up, the gel took a stronger hold, and the scrollwork is now much darker than it originally was, and i actually really like it :)

Should i decide to redo this and want the scrollwork, i'll instead stain the scrollwork with a lighter brown, toss some resist over that, THEN gel the thing up with my dark brown.


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