Why this journal?

I enjoyed making the last cosplay project (Altair, go fig), and quite a number of folks have been asking questions and such about it. I've been finding that notes, wips, and such have been scattering all over (much like the last project), and there isn't one specific place to refer to, for both folks that ask, and for personal reference :)

Well, cosplay.com's journal isn't working for me, and this Livejournal account has been gathering a thick coat of dust since 2006, so I thought I'd clean it out, give it a fresh lick o' paint, and set up a journal dedicated specifically to an Ezio cosplay I'm working on.

I actually began gathering info and planning and such as soon as the announcement for ACII came out, and began actual making components in mid July, so the first couple journals or so will be pretty much a round of "catch up".
From there, this will be updated as i get things worked on, along with general notes and such. It'll be a long project, there's a LOT to do, but eh, Gotta start somewhere!

It's evolution baby!
This won't be as much of a "build and debut" project, as much as it will be an "evolution".. since I don't have much time to myself anymore, but still want a cheap excuse to run around in a cape XD. I'll be basically starting with the cosplay gear I made for Altair, and "evolve" it to Ezios. Swap out the gauntlet, belt, etc as I finish parts and such. Will look like they had a lovechild, or some similar result of some slash fandom WANK. .



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