making the cape

This thing was actually a bit more of a pain than expected, but here's the result.

I added a cord for times when a breakaway cape isn't necessary, and will go and change out the velcro to industrial strength velcro. (the standard stuff isn't quite strong enough). Will bring the velcro closer to my neck on the pauldron, so when i flip the cape back, it'll be more likely to stay.

Since it'll sit over a poofy shoulder pad thinger, It was laid out over a bit of fabric I put under the pauldron as a placeholder.

Decided to attach it using velcro, because i don't want it to get caught on something. If you've seen "The Incredibles", you'll understand why XD..

Here's a rough layout, using an old bedsheet. Pose is the infamous Jazzhands, as I have the best shot at figuring out the shape of the cape using that.

Decided to use a red satin that's a wee but darker than the refs, since there's nothing sneaky about a seriously bright red cape, even if its a lining, When I get around to the black "upgrade" version I'll go with the brighter red :)

My leather hide was too small for the pattern I came up with. Purchased a couple different browns fabrics for it... ones a silky color (with dull back) and the other is a suede type.  Maybe would have been a good idea to bring the pauldron with me to Joanns', because they're much darker than the pauldron. i'm actually leaning toward a medium brown sound/light blocking suede valance i bought at Walmart.

Here's what i came up with before modifying it (was taken in a mirror, so I flipped this image).

The result seemed more curvy than Ezio's , so i went back and modified the curve. This was the result.
AC1 gear used as a placeholder til i get Ezio's tunic a'goin'

September 10, 2009

Dragon*con was over the last weekend, and thought it would be and opportunity to test out the cape and pauldron (besides being fun). It actually compliments the AC1 gear :)

The velcro held okayish, but the segment in the front needed more velcro. I went back and sewed a bit of cord onto it, and secured it to the bolts already in place on the pauldron. Should i decide to run around, i just won't tie it down in case it gets caught :)


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