Left Bracer

Decided to get to work on the left bracer!

Was a bit difficult getting really good references, but ran across a couple old screencaps from when the old Animus promotional webcam thinger was running.

Here's the current state. Sill need to sculpt the bigsilver embellishment on the top, and make the gun & dagger (AC1 dagger sitting there as a placeholder!

Made a form out of insulation foam and tape thats about the same size as my forearm to work on :) The inner layer of leather is pretty simple.

The dagger is simply lashed over the bracer.

After laying out the outer bracer, tooling was doen aroud the edges, and the edges were rounded over. Used a sharpie to mark where the studs were going to go.

Prepunched holes around the edge :)

After dyeing the leather, I added in the studs :)

the straps were a bit tricky.. since they were so small, i decided to use nails instead or rivets

Used crazy glue to tack the straps into place, drove the nails trough, and crazyglued them after cutting the ends of the nails off on the inside.

and here's a couple images of the leatherwork for the bracer completed!


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