Been pretty quiet on this blog, but rest assured, things *have* been happening

Did a lot of work on the tunic,

And on AC2's midnight release, thought it would be fun to bring my gear along..

...buuuut wound up hating it with a passion. The fabrics all wrong, and the lacy trim, ugh...

So I started over, choosing a different fabric this time, and being extra careful with the stitching.. I know very little about sewing,  but did what i could to correct mistakes the second time around (ie., uneven stitching ) . Also dyed fabric for the first time, thought it turned out a bit lighter than i had expected after i dried it :)

magic, fairy dust, and a loooot of needle stabbings in the hands later, here's what I got: (AC1 parts used as placeholders til the AC2 counterparts are completed...


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