I'm no real seamstress here. So successfully creating patterns to sew has been hm.. whats the word?.. DRUDGEWORK.... yeah. thats it.. though it IS a learning experience, its not one of the more fun ones at the moment..

Tandy leather factory was having an early morning sale the day after Xmas,
So to break up the learning with doing something that I'm (very slightly) more familiar with, I laid out some armor since i needed to figure out how much I'd need to buy. tossed a tshirt over the doublet and laid it out with a sharpie (put a layer of press seal over it first, so i don't accidently mark it up)

after laying it out, I began making a mock up out of craft foam.

This is the mockup for the starting leather set, and though i'm not too keen on the front of his armos (they look like battlebras or something lol ) I LOOOVE the back, especially the leather one :)

A friend of mine managed to snag a black edition figure of Ezio off Ebay (*shakesfist* ), so will be get plenty of photos next time i see him. this'l be set aside as i get to work  on the left bracer and finishing the tunic :)


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