AC 2 complete belt

Well, the belts been done, just in time for AC2's release (i threw on what was done and ran out to the midnight release for the fun of it, though i couldn't pick it up til the next morning (ordered from another store duh me)

here's the completed belt, with sash underneath, and leather straps and all that fun jazz. Just remembered i need to add a couple bits onto the right side of the red undersash thinger though.. that'll cover up the hook n loop setup that makes it muuuuch easier to put it on :3

Click post title for how this was done :)

August 23, 2009

Studied the heck out of refs, and did some laying out of the belt... lots more buckles n bits on this thing than the segmented one of Altairs... thankfully most refs of it are the same or similar enough to figure out. Theres a massive difference betwen jazzhands and the cgi trailer though, namely the leather sitting between the "calipers"/hooks on the belt. The design on the calipers and plate at the top are very different as well. the cgi trailer has griffons, dragons, and a pair of scales (scales of justice?) incorporated into it..

One makes the actual thing wearable, considering the direction of the posts on the bucles in the front, the other requires a lotta switching around. I like the Jazzhands one though. Got some "magic" going under the red sash to get it to work right.

The belt insignia sculpt is progressing.

Painfully slow. There hasn't been a lot of good time to work on them, but at least the left hook looks decent so far. I'm gonna take a good look at the leaves on the design, and if they're the same, I'll see if making one full one and making a press mold would save some time, tweaking each one as necessary for each of the leave.

Laying out design of the belt as well.

September 10, 2009

More work has been done on the belt insignia, I'm hoping to have it done by Anime Weekend Atlanta, but that'll be tough with the other work that needs to be done.. here's a couple pics of the insignia in progress :-)

Here's a closeup of the leaves, been sanding them smooth and more even. After doing this and sanding the other hook, I'lll carve the scrollwork into the sides of the hooks :)

This will be cast in fiberglass reinforced resin.

October 10, 2009


The belt insignia sculpt is finally done, and I did a quick paint test with acrylics & metallic powder to see what I'd like to fix before casting. the paint will be stripped off by soaking it in water and a brush, and I'll make a mold and resin cast it.

November 7, 2009

The top left is the original sculpt, top right is the the mold I made using silicone mold rubber (a company called Smooth-on makes it), bottom left is a cast made, (dusted the mold with aluminum powder, then poured resin in), and bottom right is the finished insignia after i cleaned off the excess around the edges, painted it, added bolts to the back and mounted it onto a heat bent plate of cintra :)

Tis a lil out of order here, but this photo you can see the backplate which the buckles are mounted to. I laid out the belt leather in cardboard before going to actual leather.



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