While at a day convention, I worked a little more on the belt sculpt, not a massive difference, but refined the left "hook" more. It has a much closer curve to the design, though I need to make sure they sit at the right height, so the plate on the top doesn't sit too high and make the thing look weird.

Also noticed that a couple refs of the cape have it terminating a lil differently in the front (its a lil higher up in some refs). Since it looks so big on the side view, I'm thinking of nipping a a lil off the front edge to help reduce its mass. the back looks right though. I'll also be changing the top edge of the cape :)

pauldron clips are coming along slowly, I have a press mold of the clip, and am finishing a press mold of the engravings, so i'll press one out, and be able to press in the engravings without having to fear messing the whole thing up (in which case i'll just try again.)

Attempt to cord up the rings turned out reasonably well, though I'll have to try again, because they came out a little too long.

I don't know if the entire cape assembly will be done by D*con, because I still need to nail out a commish, but whatever state its in, I'll most likely wear anyways. Because i wanna run aroond with a cape on my gear.


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